Here I Am!

It’s 2008. I got started in the computer field basically 1984. At home, I had had a Sinclair ZX80, a Timex/Sinclair TS1000 and a Timex/Sinclair 2068. PCs were still fairly new. IBM had come out with the original PC and other companies were starting to come out with clones. At work, we were starting to get some on the clones. The ones we had were Sperrys. They came with 640K of RAM and two 5.25″ 360K floppy drives! The monitors were monochrome (either green or amber) and displayed only text. These desktop computers cost the company, for which I worked, about $3,000!

Just a couple of months ago, I bought a new Toshiba notebook computer with my stimulus check. It has 3GB of RAM, a 200GB hard drive. Of course, the screen is color and can beautifully display photos and other graphics. It cost me $650.

So, for about 78% less money than the PCs we used to buy, I got a computer that has 4915 times more RAM and 291,271 times more storage space (compared to two 360K floppy disks)! I still find that incredible!

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