Comic Books

Comic books and super-heroes are one of my first loves.It started with seeing super-hero cartoon on TV. It deepened by reading old comic books at Johnson's Barber Shop. My love for comic books solidified when I bought my first issue of Action Comics at Coonies supermarket. Though I don't collect any new comic books today, my love for the classics remains.

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Science Fiction

I can't exactly pinpoint when my love for Sci-Fi began, but from my earliest day, I was interested in space and science. Possibly my first sci-fi love was the the classic Lost in Space in 1965. It captured my imagination like nothing else. Of course, I'm a Star Trek fan also, but LIS holds an extra special place in my heart.

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Like most people, I've always liked music. My love for it, however is more of an evolution. There were milestones I can think of in my journet, such as when I fist discovered classical music, bluegrass, celtic, musicals, etc.

I've been singing since high school. Currently I sing in the Quarryland Men's Chorus. My musical journey continues to evolve. While I don't see any professional relationship to must in my future. I feel that I will continue to grow musically.

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Computer Programming

I love to write computer programs.

My first introduction to computer programming was in college. My first computer class was Introduction to Computer Programming. I learned the basic concepts of programming using ther FORTRAN language.

Since then, I've programmed in BASIC, dBASE, Visual dBASE, Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA), VB.net and Oracle PL/SQL. I have a smattering of knowledge in a few other languages. My favorite is VBA.

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