Feeling better

Rascal visited me this morning. Before you call the guys in the white coats, let me explain. This morning, I was half sleeping. The radio was on and I was drifting in and out of sleep. I felt something jump up on me. It felt like a cat, but it didn’t feel like Pandora. I immediately thought, “Could it be Rascal?” It jumped off of me and laid down right next to me. I turned over and I saw Rascal. I was overjoyed. Then I woke up.

Rather than being disappointed that it was “only a dream”, I was elated. I felt good. No matter what it was, I felt him. For just a second or two, I felt that he was there. I was very happy that he came back… even if it was “only a dream”. I believe that when you love someone, he or she is never really dead. I do believe that they can come back and make their presence know. I think this is true of animals as well. They come back if we are willing for them to.

Regardless of what my experience this morning was, I know that Rascal is still alive as long as I love him and I know he’ll be back from time to time… if “only in my dreams”.

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