A little happier

I’m somewhat encouraged tonight. Rascal is still far from being his frisky self, but he seems like he’s doing well considering the circumstances. I had choir practice tonight. I normally go from work to choir practice, but I came home first to check on Rascal. I had him shut up in my bedroom today because I didn’t want Pandora to eat all his food.

When I came home and opened the bedroom door, he was at the door to greet me. I saw that he had eaten his food, so I gave him some more. He immediately went to work on it. I stayed for about 30 minutes and then left for choir practice.

When I came home, he was at the door to greet me. He wandered around the apartment for a little while. Right now, he asleep on a box, here in my office. Since I’ve been home, he’s eaten, drank a little, followed me around and talked to me a little. He was also on top of the dining table.

He seems to have some energy back. The main thing, to me, is giving him a good quality of life. If we can extend it, that’s great, but I’m concerned about the quality and that’s what on which I’m focused.

For right now, we’re doing OK.

The picture is from Sunday, 12/10/2006. It was before I took him to the vet for his blood test. He was being unusually affectionate that day. Were there any pirates that carried cats on their shoulders? 🙂

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