Recover Photos from Formatted Camera Cards

A friend of mine called me today because he accidentally formatted a camera card on which he had already stored about 300 pictures. He has since taken some new pictures and stored some them to it, so I think the chances of him recovering the other photos is significantly less now. However, I did find a program at that looks like it will be able to recover a good number of his files.

To test it, I took a card that I had previously deleted the pictures from. I took a couple of new pictures, then reformatted the card. I then ran this software and was able to not only recover the pictures I had just taken, but I could recover some of the pictures I had previously deleted!

It looks like he’ll be able to get back a lot of his pictures. However the new pictures he took, are probably saved in the same space that some of his old pictures used to be in, so he probably won’t be able to get some of them back. It looks pretty good though!

I thought I’d share this because this has probably happened to you before or will happen at some time.

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