New addition

Well, I have a new addition to my family… a new 2012 Ford Focus hatchback. It’s pretty sweet. I was a little scared driving home from the dealer, however. It was dark and raining (I don’t like driving in the dark and in the rain) and I was driving an unfamiliar car. To add to the danger, I caught myself trying to play with all the techie stuff in the car, and there is a bunch of it! I finally decided to pull over, get something to eat and play with the car in the parking lot as I ate.

After about an hour of that (really!), I started my drive back home. About half-way there, I was out of the rain and I started feeling more comfortable. I brought it home and parked. I have kept my Beetle and it’s still parked in its usual spot, in front of my apartment and the Focus is in a guest spot. I’ll switch them tomorrow. I know my Beetle will be jealous. It has served me well, but it’s past its prime. I’m keeping it as a backup.

I’ll write some more tomorrow, after I’ve gotten to know my Focus better.

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