He's back!

I rarely call Rascal by his name. I call him “Meanie”. There’s a reason for that. Usually, when any mess is made or when anything has been broken, he’s the culprit. Also, when I used to pet him, he always wanted to play, and he wanted to play rough. Playfully biting and scratching was just part of his “charm”.

Since he’s been sick, he’s been a good cat. Well, he must be getting better, because that is ending! Yesterday, when I came home, I found that someone had peed on the rug that I keep in my half bath! This is what he used to do.

Normally, I would be mad at him, but I’m glad he feels good enough to do that. I think I’m in trouble now. I’m glad to have him back for however long it lasts. 🙂

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