Emotional rollercoaster

This situation is getting to me. I certainly don’t want Rascal to leave me, but there will be a little relief for me. Each day, my emotions run from hope and optimism to sadness and despair.

For the last few days, Rascal has not been eating much. About all I could get him to eat was the gravy out of the Fancy Feast I gave him. He’d take a little peace of the meat, suck off the gravy and spit the meat back in the bowl. I’ve been very discouraged. Tonight, when I got home, I tried giving him some of the lamb baby food. He ate some of it.

Everytime I leave the apartment, I dread coming back because of what I might find. I know that someday, I’m going to find his lifeless body. I don’t want to, but I know it will happen. When I come back and I see he’s still around, I am relieved… that is until the next time I leave.

I’m getting tired.

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