America Has Always Been Great

I believe that The United States of America is currently a great nation and has always been a great nation.

It’s great, not because of our wealth, our military might and prowess, geographic location, our resources or our political leaders, but because the government it is based in high ideals such as law, order, justice, freedom and human rights.
To be sure, we sometimes fall short of our goals and stray from our ideals. It is when we set our goals consistent to our ideals and work toward them.

Our founding documents, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States of America, masterfully detail those ideals.

While many nations on Earth embrace many of the same ideals we do, we are one of the rare nations whose inception is built around a set of ideals. Having these ideals and striving toward them make us a strong, stable nation.

As long as we remember, revere and strive toward our ideals, we will continue to be great. When we don’t, we risk losing this great nation.

My name is Mike.

I’m a Democrat and a proud American.

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