A good weekend

Rascal has had a pretty good weekend. My friends, Judy and Tony came over on Friday night. Rascal was pretty alert and somewhat active. Judy brought Rascal several jars of lamb baby food. I gave him some while they were here. He ate a little of it then. The rest, he finished overnight.

Saturday was pretty good for him. He ate, drank, used the litter box and slept. He also was up and around. On Saturday night, while I was working on my computer, he jumped up on my desk. He hadn’t done that since he’s been home. It’s funny, but it’s those little things that tell me how he’s feeling and that I miss when he’s not doing them.

He spent most of the night in the cat carrier. This morning, he jumped up on the bed and walked on me when it was time for me to get up. Today, he’s been outside of the carrier most of the time. He’s jumped up on the desk a couple of times. My nephew and I went out for dinner. When I came home, Rascal was on the sofa, waiting for me. That’s the first time he’s been in the living room when I’ve come home, since he’s been home.

I sat down and we watched TV together. A couple of times, when I was petting him, he playfully bit me! That made me feel really good. He’s in the office with me now. He followed me in here. He may not get well, but I’m confident that he has some more good days left in him. I want us both to enjoy them.

All in all, I’m very happy today. He seems to feel much better.

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